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Ok Friday


Stealing an idea from my friend, Running Wild(er) , I am doing the following post:

It is okay

…that I am discouraged that in the past 2 weeks, 2 pounds found its way back to my body. May it be the drive to journal whatever crosses my mouth again.

…that I didn’t get in my jog/walk tonight.  Spending time with the princess is the BEST!

…to have dreams that I share with no one.  Sometimes these dreams are what keep me going.

…to be sad when a friend passes.  It helps me remember that life is just a vapor appearing for just a moment and make the most of it.

…to be disappointed that the wilderness preserve trip has to be rescheduled to next week.  This maybe be a growth opportunity to help me handle change.

…to take time each day for myself.  By taking care of myself, I will do a better job of taking care of others.

Trying to decided whether to go for a sunrise jog or a sunset jog…maybe I will do both.


2 weeks


They say if you do something for a month it becomes a habit.  I am halfway there!  In just 2 weeks I am noticing positive changes in all areas of my life.  I am looking forward to looking back and seeing my progress.

Today’s journey was back at the park.  1st mile 14:30 and 2nd mile 15:00.  Today for the entire 2 miles I was  able to walk 2 mins. and jog 1 min.