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The Missing Student



So I know often I see and think things differently. So while I was walking this morning I saw this and the empty slot made me think of the missing student.

That missing student comes in various forms and with a variety of reasons.

The most obvious missing student is the one who is absent. The reasons they are missing span an area wider than the Sahara Desert. Maybe they are home sick, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. It maybe that they lack the confidence to face the assignment in class. Or maybe this student lacks the skills to face the bully. Sometimes the student hides in fear at home unable to attend class until the bruises can be hidden and the tears can be dried up. Often one is absent because at a young age they have had to take on an adult world-due to an absent parent who has abandon the family and is busy working to make ends meet. And there is even the possibility that they are missing just because the value of education is not recognized by them or the ones who care for them.

But what about the student whose physical body is in the classroom but they are missing. Once again the reasons why are wide. It maybe that they are the quiet one overshadowed by the squeaky wheel who needs some oil. Or maybe the child who has already mastered the concept who must wait in silence for their classmates to understand. Frequently it is the child who is lost to what is being taught because although they are at a different learning level they are required to struggle through often to the point of frustration at their instructional grade level.  Sadly even sometimes maybe it is the student the teacher just can’t take anymore and no longer sees due to the frustration and stress the educational field has.

My prayer as a teacher is that the missing students in my classroom never go unseen and that I can meet them where they are with their needs.


Teaching a Teacher’s Child



Being a teacher, I know that teachers invest a lot of time, energy, emotion, sweat, etc. into their students and that often it goes unnoticed and unappreciated.  So I attempt to be the parent to my daughter’s teachers that I think I would like to have in my classroom.  The problem is that like every thing in my life I tend to do it to the extreme.


Because of that, I think my daughter’s teachers tend to fear that I don’t think they are doing a job that I am happy with.  When in all honesty nothing could be further from the truth.  So in the new way of healthy living that I am trying to maintain in my life, with the start of this new school year, I am trying to take about a 1,000 steps back and be that typical classroom parent.


We are 21 days into the school year and I have only been to the classroom once and send 2 emails- one to let her know that I was changing how my daughter was going home and the second to find out if I could place a book order online.

No elliptical or jog tonight due to open house.




Parent’s Day


Today is Parent’s Day according to my Chick Fil A calendar.  When I saw that, I began to wonder what is Parent’s Day.  So to trusty google I went (How did we live before the Internet?) to find out what Parent’s Day is all about.  Here is what I found:

Many Americans are unaware that our nation has a new day of commemoration called Parents’ Day. This is good news for America’s parents and families.

In 1994 President Bill Clinton signed into law the resolution unanimously adopted by the U. S. Congress establishing the fourth Sunday of every July as Parents’ Day, a perennial day of commemoration similar to Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. According to the Congressional Resolution, Parents’ Day is established for “recognizing, uplifting, and supporting the role of parents in the rearing of children.”

The establishment of Parents’ Day was the result of a bipartisan, multiracial and interfaith coalition of religious, civic and elected leaders who recognized the need to promote responsible parenting in our society and to uplift ideal parental role models, especially for our nation’s children.

Since the creation of this annual day of commemoration, local faith communities, elected officials and activists throughout the nation have creatively launched many activities around the theme of Parents’ Day designed to celebrate and strengthen the traditional, two-parent family.

The National Parents’ Day Council does not envision Parents’ Day to be yet “another” day to honor parents, but rather a day when parents honor their children and the God-centered family ideal by rededicating themselves to manifest the highest standard of unconditional true love.

Courtesy of:   http://www.parentsday.com/#about

 I have been doing quite a bit of reflecting on my parenting.  There are many things I do well according to those who have seen me interact with my child.  But there are also things that I need to improve.  The first priority for me to work on in my life to be better in my child’s life is the ability to relax and have fun.  I have always struggle with this and desired to be the best of everyone.  Not focusing on my own personal best but the best of everyone in the world.  I have begun to see this in my child’s life and realize that not only am I modeling it for but I am demanding it from her without meaning to do it.  So my first thing to work on is to is about focusing on your personal best and having fun not competing about everything.  Let’s see how this goes.
As far as my journey to a half marathon….today I walked 3 miles.

Lessons of Parenting


Today was a day where I learned a few lessons in parenting.

Lesson 1: Sometimes you must abandon the To Do List.

Sunday ‘s To Do List:  1. Dance Tryouts  2.  Couponing  3.  Grocery Shopping  4.  Clean Bathrooms  5.  Fold and Put Away Laundry  6.  Grade Papers  7.  Lesson Plans

Following dance tryouts, I decided to abandon the to do list.  Pulling through a local restaurant, I picked up lunch and headed to the park.  The Princess was thrilled!  I am so glad I abandoned the to do list for time passes so quickly and soon she won’t want to spend the afternoon with her mama at the park.

                                Lesson 2:  Knowing when to rescue and when to step back.

     I am a mothering rescuer.  But at the same time I realize the importance of instilling in the Princess a sense of independence and the ability to problem solve.  Today was one of those days when I had to step back-not to far- and allow her to problem solve on her own.  The park we visited was full of trees and she wanted to climb.  She got up this tree…fear overtook her and she wanted to get down.  She wanted me to get her down.  My first instinct was to hold up my arms and wrap them around her bringing her safely to the ground.  I decided instead to coach her through her fear and getting down.  I said to her, “You are okay.  I am right here.  You can do this.”  She calmed and then I said, ” What do you need to do?”  This continued for about 15 minutes when she finally had her feet planted on the ground.  She was so proud of herself!

  Lesson 3:  if your child shows an interest in something, let them try.

I was taking tons of photos and the Princess asked if she could use the camera to take pictures.  My first thought was NO WAY, this camera is expensive!  But then I thought she is showing an interest in something I a m doing and I should let her try.  So I turned over the camera to her – being sure the strap was securely around her neck.  This was a picture of her shirt she wanted to take by holding the camera in front of her and snapping the button.

When I got home and downloaded her pictures, 2 thoughts ran through my mind.  The 1st:  How amazing to see the world through her eyes.  The 2nd:  When I was little, I use to tag behind my father(the photographer) taking tons of pictures.  The amount of money he spent developing my silly pictures was outrageous but helped me become the photographer I am today.  I hope to do the same with the Princess.

Not my best time, but I did a 3.1 miles sunset jog/walk of intervals 90 seconds walking and 60 seconds jogging in 45:03.  Although today, I am just happy I did it because I felt I wanted to be lazy!

They get it!!!!!


As a teacher I am constantly reflecting and wondering, are my students understanding what I am teaching and then deciding how to proceed.  Having time during conference night, I read over some of my students’ poetry pieces and was thrilled- they seem to be developing their own passion for this genre.

After reading Isn’t My Name Magical? by James Berry, students were to write a short poem that shows how they feel about their names.

One on my girls wrote they following:

My name is for me only!

I don’t like when someone answers for me when I’m being called.

It makes me feel like there is another me in the universe.

Ok Friday


Stealing an idea from my friend, Running Wild(er) , I am doing the following post:

It is okay

…that I am discouraged that in the past 2 weeks, 2 pounds found its way back to my body. May it be the drive to journal whatever crosses my mouth again.

…that I didn’t get in my jog/walk tonight.  Spending time with the princess is the BEST!

…to have dreams that I share with no one.  Sometimes these dreams are what keep me going.

…to be sad when a friend passes.  It helps me remember that life is just a vapor appearing for just a moment and make the most of it.

…to be disappointed that the wilderness preserve trip has to be rescheduled to next week.  This maybe be a growth opportunity to help me handle change.

…to take time each day for myself.  By taking care of myself, I will do a better job of taking care of others.

Trying to decided whether to go for a sunrise jog or a sunset jog…maybe I will do both.

Things I have learned


Today I learned 3 things:

1.  If you knee still hurts after icing, heating and taking Aleve for a few days, you should make an appointment to get it checked…just in case.  Appointment made for 2:45 tomorrow.

2.  The urge to go the restroom will kick in when you are the farthest away from the restroom, but it can be used to your advantage because it will make you move faster.

3.  Although you may feel like an independent women with no responsibilities, you are suddenly jerked back to reality when The Hokey Pokey begins to blare on you playlist. I love my Princess!

Went back to the park this evening:  1st mile 15:10 and 2nd mile 16:15.  I did 2 minute walk with 30 second jog intervals for the entire 2 miles.