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Jogging, Bowling and Swimming


Started the morning with another sunrise jog.  Did the first mile of 60 second jog/60 second walk in 11:52.  I then walked another 2 miles.

Wanting to have a fun-filled summer day; my mom, my grandma, my best friend, my princess,the princess’ friend and I headed to the bowling alley.  We had a great time bowling two games, singing to radio Disney, dancing and eating french fries.

After bowling we grabbed a bite to eat at Pizza Hut.  Then spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool pretending to be mermaids and diving for jewels.

What a wonderful day! Can’t wait for summer school to be over so I can spend every day like this.


Off the ride!


Staying up late last night to read my new book = tired.  Adding the elliptical to  yesterday’s activity = sore. Two weeks off crazy testing and scheduling = drained.  Add all that up and it equals no jog/walk.

So instead I will share my attempt at poetry:

Courtesy of wikipedia:


The bright twinkling lights invited me in…

The cheerful music beckons to enjoy.

Which horse should I choose? Boy? Girl? Big? Little?

After much thought a selection is made.

Carefully climb up…secure myself in.

Rotating slowly as the music plays.

Enjoyment floods me bringing a hug smile.

The speed increases and the music blares.

Joy replaced with sobs shaking my body.

“STOP!” I scream but my cries go unanswered.