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Magical shoes


Back to the park again this evening dressed in my new, blue slippers.  I could feel the excitement coursing through my veins.  This excitement cause me to push caution to the side and start out with intervals of 1 minute runs with 2 minute walks.  I was able to maintain this for the first mile and was able to do it my fastest with a time of 14:07.  Unfortunately going into the second mile I knew I would not be able to maintain this due to the delicious lunch I had with the princess.   So I switch to walking to complete the second mile.  But I will be back tomorrow while the princess is at a birthday party to see what I can accomplish.




NEW SHOES!!!!!!!!! I was so excited to open my email and find a groupon for the store Hit the Trails.  Several of my friends let me know when I started running that I need to make sure i had a good pair of shoes.  I had $12 Target shoes with $1000 orthotics in them.  Well today was the day…thank you to last year’s students for performing well on testing and helping me to earn A-plus money!!!!!!!

The salesman was so knowledgeable.  By looking at my wear pattern on the shoes, my feet and my walk.  He was able to pull not only this shoe but also correctly guess my size.

I felt like Cinderella as I slipped on these blue “slippers.”  I have always preferred to be barefoot but these shoes didn’t bother me.  Convinced they were my magical running shoes, I was disappointed knowing that I would have to wait till tomorrow evening to test them out.

I also left the store with a booklet of upcoming races.  Can’t wait to find a 5k to conquer!