Question of the Day


I too have fallen prey to Pininterest.  While pinning ideas today, I found a list of questions for each day.  I have decided that I would share these questions one at a time and post my answers and look forward to maybe some of you sharing your answers.

Day 1 Question – What is the thing you most wish you were great at?

When I first read this question, a million thoughts went swimming through my head.  I wish I was great at being a mother, a friend, a daughter, and teacher.  I wish I was great at dancing and singing.

But I think the one thing that I wish I was great at is living life to the fullest by living in the moment.  I am one who rigidly schedules things.  Down to the fact that I Sunday, I plan the entire meals for the entire week and when I receive a last-minute call to go out for dinner will usually turn it down because I have already defrosted or prepped dinner.  The thought of getting in a car and driving to a vacation with no hotel booked freaks me out.

Do I think I should throw all planning and preparation to the wind?  No! But do I think that sometimes I miss out on GREAT opportunities because I lacked spontaneity.

So the next time I am running around town and the princess says, “Can we stop and pick some flowers?” or a friend calls asking for company, I am throwing my schedule to the wind and living life in that moment.

We never are promised the next moment.

Continued on my half marathon journey by walking 3 miles today!

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  1. Living in the moment! That is my biggest goal, for sure. I am now walking 3 to 8 miles a day. 🙂 Today was harder though. No walk. How is your training going? Are you close to your goal? I just found one of your long ago comments on my blog that I never saw. Hope all is well. ~ Sam 🙂

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