Tenderheart, Birthday, and Jog


Although I have witnessed the princess’ tender heart, I am constantly amazed when she displays such care.  Just this weekend she has displayed it twice.  Friday-the last day of school-I received a phone call from her school asking me if had given her $20.  I said, “No,” and went on to ask why.  It seems the princess had given a little girl the day before $20.  After talking with the princess, we found out that she had taken the $20 from her piggy bank to give as a gift to her friend who was having a birthday.  The second example happened this morning.  Today is my dad’s birthday.  As soon as the princess awoke, she hastily gathered a bunch of materials to create the perfect present and wrap it carefully in gold paper.

Here is the gift the princess made.

To celebrate his birthday we went to an Italian restaurant and then spend the afternoon walking a small town.  It was a wonderful time spent with family.

Happy Birthday Dad! Wishes for many more birthdays!

Knowing the day was going to be busy, I hit the park early.  Keeping with the same intervals of 60 seconds jogging and 90 second walking, I finished 1.5 miles in 19:23.


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  1. I am so bless with three great generations of girls to love me. Thank you Diane my wife, Candy my daughter and Maddie my granddaughter.

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