Back on Track


I shouldn’t have been surprised but I still held out hope, but it didn’t work…the past 2 weeks I gained 2 pounds.  I have all the excuses in the world….it has been busy with the close of the school year, we had a family reunion,  I have been too tired, the weather has been so hot,and on and on. But ultimately there is no excuse!

So back on track it is.  1st I will  jog/walk at least 2 miles, or do 30 mins. on the elliptical every day.  2nd I will go back to writing down what I eat.  3rd I will drink, drink and drink water!

Did my 2 miles today! Stayed with the intervals of 60 seconds jog and 90 seconds walk.  1st mile 12:20….2nd mile 13:30.  Although some of the time on the 2nd lap could be attributed to losing an electrode and trying to get it to stick back on my sweaty skin.

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