Last day=Tons of Emotions


No I haven’t fallen of the earth…as a teacher the last week of school is insane!!!!!!!!!  There are six post sitting in my dashboard waiting for me to finish and post.  So why did this one get completed?  Because I once was told that writing is cathartic.

I am completing my 10th year of teaching…which means I have had 10 last days of school.  So why does this one seem so much more difficult?  I thought maybe penning some thoughts would help me put things in perspective before heading out the door.

So here are some things I am thinking maybe contributing.

Reason 1 – My precious princess has completed kindergarten.  She is my only child so with the happiness of all her firsts also comes the sadness of all the lasts because their isn’t another child of mine that I will share these experiences.

Reason 2- My precocious young man will be leaving my classroom where after 7 months we have finally created a bond that works for us.  Not only will I miss him but I worry that his 5th grade teacher won’t work hard to create that bond that is so desperately needed.

Reason 3. My new little girl who transferred less than a month ago.  I am her ninth school and she is only in 4th grade.  FULL of energy and needing TONS of attention she stole my heart immediately.  Due to problems in her family she is moving yet again and will be going to yet another school next year for fifth.  Will her teacher understand that she can’t stay in her seat because she wants to be close to a loving adult.  That she talks incessantly because she can hide her fears behind it.  That she is very emotional and can go from cheerfully talking your ear off to needing to be held while tears roll down her cheeks. Because given that I am emotionally driven, I get it!

Reason 4-The fifth graders are leaving. Many of them I have been involved with for 6 years since they started as kindergartners.  As elementary teachers we think of them as our babies and treat them as so, but they are off to middle school where I know the view is different.  They will have a hard time adjusting, but they will make it.  They will bring me such pleasure when they come back to visit.

Reason 5- Maybe it is just because I am a highly emotionally driven individual!

Whatever the reason, I am sure tears will fall(like they have as I have written this), prides will swell, email addresses will be exchanged, and tons of hugs given!

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  1. I hear you girl…I’m emotionally driven too….I just sat and cried at all your reasons. This whole post proves what an amazing person you are and even more what an amazing teacher you are! Hope you enjoy today…even with the tears that fall.

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