Jogging in the Rain


Although I LOVE the rain, today’s rain brought disappointment.  This afternoon was scheduled to be water day at the Princess’ school but due to extreme rain they spent the day indoors watching a movie and playing, Heads Up…7 Up ( which really should have been 3 up since there were only 3 taggers).

Because I think being in the rain is one of the most romantic activities in the world, I headed to the park to jog and dream romantic thoughts in my head.

As I started my jog the rain was light but as i went further along the heavy it got.  About halfway through the first mile, the sky opened and it poured so hard.  Iw as determine to finish at least 1 mile.  Which I did in 12:31.  I then walked a little bit savour the pleasure of the rain.  While in the rain, it felt amazing! But I was quite chilled when I got home and required a hot shower.  Hopefully as the summer days settle in, I will have some more jogs in the rain.

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