Princess Spa Day


Today was MARVELOUS!  The princess and I met some new friends at a spa for little girls.  The had appointments scheduled for manicures, pedicures, and haircuts.

The Princess and her new friend at the beginning.

Pedicure -Blue polish with silver and white sparkles.

Watching Tangled while waiting for her toes to dry.

Manicure-To match the toes.

Haircut-Shortened and thinned.

At the end, two beautiful princesses!

After not getting home till after one this morning and getting up early to go to the spa, I was lacking the motivation to do my jog.  A good friend gave me a swift kick in the butt and off I went. Keeping the intervals the same, I did the 1st mile in 12:42 and the 2nd mile in 12:38.


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  1. We had so much fun! Maddie asked me in the hall the other day if we could do it again. I quickly said, absolutely! 😉

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