Mama’s Great Spring Adventure


Growing up my weekends were spent with my family at one of two places: Disney World – which is probably where I get my incurable romantic desires or at state and county parks – where I get my thrill for adventure.

This weekend my mom’s family reunion was at Florida Gateway in Jasper, Florida.  A wonderful, inexpensive, relaxing place to get away.  Today there were already 2 excursions planned: golf for some of the guys and visiting a historical graveyard for another group.  Knowing I could not shut my mouth and be quiet for golf and the Princess would be hopping off tombstones with energy, I decided I would plan another excursion going to swim in the springs.

I was quite burned after all day yesterday at the lake and knew the springs would offer some shade.  After checking on the resort website, we (the princess, 2 of my aunts and I) packed up and headed off to Peacock Springs about 40 minutes away.  We enjoyed traveling through the old town and picking out our favorite houses.

Soon we arrived at Peacock Springs eager to relax and feel the coolness of the water on our skin, we drove down a one lane curved road to the springs.  Hopping out and gathering our many bags we headed down to the springs.  Now I should have started putting things together when I saw all kinds of people in dive suits and a sign that said, “No Open Diving” but in my eagerness, I just trotted along.

Soon we came to the top of the stairs and saw:

Although it was a breath taking view, I soon realized this small spring was for cave diving.  After questioning the divers there if there were any springs around for swimming and getting a resounding, “No.”  We loaded a disappointed princess back into the vehicle.

Not begin one to give up, I began to surf the internet and look for another swimming spring in the area.  The trusty internet said Charlie Springs was close by and offered swimming.  Convincing my 2 aunts to try again we headed to Charlie Springs.

We found a parking space and began to descend the stairs to discover this:

Thanks to the desperate need for rain this is all that is left of Charlie Springs.  We did enjoy a good laugh because when the princess saw this she threw her hands in the air and with all her drama yelled out, “REALLY!”

I knew I needed to find her some water to swim in QUICKLY! Looking out to the left I could see the Suwannee River and decided it would have to do.

So we made the climb down the hill:

across the tree roots,

to the riverbank,

so she could finally swim.

Did the day go as perfectly as this plan ahead mama would have liked? No, but did we have a great time together on this adventure and make some memories to last a lifetime? Yes!  For the perfect ending to Mama’s Great Spring Adventure we grabbed some ice cream at Dairy Queen ( a first for the princess).

Have you ever had an adventure that didn’t turn out quite like you expected?

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