Lost Blood


Last Wednesday I had 2 test run and 5 vials of blood drawn.  Today, I received a call form my doctor’s office letting me know that the blood had been lost and I would need to have a redraw.  No big deal right?  A GIGANTIC deal to me! I would rather go through childbirth again.  I know that seems crazy but I have a phobia of getting my blood drawn. Although I have improved and no longer have to lie down and have 5 people work together to get my blood.

When I was 3, I spent many months in the hospital receiving IV treatments and having blood drawn from multiple veins which kept collapsing.  Since that time the fear of IVs and blood draws has been intense.  Although shots I can handle.

So tomorrow morning, I will suck it up and head back to lab for them to draw my blood yet again.

Today’s jog was 1.4 miles in 21:34.  I walked the other 1.6 miles.


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