So the princess awoke in the middle of the night with an asthma attack. After giving her a nebulizer treatment, clean her up, and snuggling with her to calm her, I made her a pallet in my room.  When she awoke, she was whining a little bit about being tired.  I was quickly holding two hats and had to decide which I was going to put on:  the mommy hat – that would let her daddy take her to school and then go pick it up and bring her home to snuggle on the couch with me (that way she wouldn’t miss out on her perfect attendance award) and the teacher hat – scheduled to take my 40 safety patrols to the best field trip of the year.

After checking her out and giving her another treatment, I determine that she should be okay to attend and let her teacher know what was going on and if something happened to call.  And then…..mommy guilt began to set in.  Did I make the right choice? Was I putting my job in front of my child?  My gracious can’t a girl get a break from the thousand of thoughts.  After my 2nd call to check on her and hearing that she was okay and doing fine the mommy guilt began to slowly fade away.

I am glad I put the teacher hat on because we had an amazing time.  Playing frisbee, eating sno-cones, climbing hills and to end it all singing and seat dancing the entire trip back to school.

In addition to that exercise, I headed back to the back at sunset and did intervals of 1:30 walking and 1:00 jogging.  I did 3 miles in 43:30. My best time yet!  Even though the sun was setting, the heat was intense and I was one sweaty mess when I finished.


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