It’s raining…it’s pouring!  I have always loved the rain. There is nothing I enjoy more than playing and walking in the rain.  I was the child who wanted the storm.  I would sit by the window and bask in happiness listening to the thunder and watching the lightening illuminate the sky.

As we were leaving the dance studio, the rain began to pour and the princess became very excited.  Wanting her to have some great rain memories when I pulled the van in the driveway, I told her to hang her dance bag up, take off her flip flops and meet me outside quickly.

We spent 30 minutes jumping in puddles, splashing water on each other and running through wet streets and grass.  The squeals of the delight from both of us could be heard throughout the neighborhood.

She slipped in a really big puddle and we both were laughing so loud that our neighbor, Nana, came out to see what was going on.

I didn’t get in a formal jog/walk today.  I had the day off work due to needing to have some testing and bloodwork.  After getting those things done, I needed to unwind.  So I grabbed my camera and headed out to a local park and decided to blaze some trails.  The park is located next to a Catholic church that has a bell tower.  It was wonderful to be walking through nature hearing music from the bells.

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