The Race


I did it!!!!!!!!!! I completed the 5k in 44:48, meeting my goal of doing it in less than 45 minutes.  The journey doesn’t end here though…a dear friend has already issued the challenge to complete the next 5k in less than 42 minutes.

I have been so focused on physically preparing for the 5k, that I didn’t give much thought to organization that was hosting the event.  I arrived at the race site an hour before start time and stood and watched the many people began to gather.  People who were sporting not only their racing bib but also pinned to their shirts, written on the shirts, or held in their hands pictures and names of many lives forever changed by cancer.  Some were displayed in honor for those whom cancer couldn’t take and others in memory for those who fought hard but lost.

I began to think of my life and how it has been forever changed by such a nasty word – CANCER.  I smiled when I thought of my grandmother who has overcome three different bouts of cancer.  I laugh when I think of my dear friend Susan who has also beat her cancer.  But the tears began to trickle when I remember my grandfather who we lost 10 years ago to prostate cancer, to Papa Richard who just 2 months ago passed from cancer and many others that seem to far outnumber the survivors I know.

As the tears trickled down and I continued to look around, I was drawn to a group I saw forming wearing bright orange T Shirts.  Ironed  on the front in white letters were the words Team Judy.  As my eyes followed up the shirt, I saw the face of a husband who lost his wife ( a dear family friend of ours) to cancer less than a month ago.  I was overwhelmed.  What a touching thought to see family and friends so deeply hurt by cancer rally together to raise support to try to prevent someone from having to experience the pain they have.

This is definitely a race I will do again next year.  In fact I may organize a team and even have the princess join me in the run.


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