Weight Loss


As of today, I am down 15 lbs. since March 13th.  It has not been an easy thing to do but I have noticed not only a change in my physical appearance, but a change in my self-image of myself.

I have never been tiny, small, or little.  Even as a small child, I remember when shopping for clothes that mine came from the “Pretty Plus” department.  The thought that went through my mind was…What is pretty about being plus?  And why is that remarks that people make are forever etched in your mind over 25 years later.  Even those adults who think they are doing you good, by giving you advice about your weight.

When I started this journey, my weight was 10 pounds more than when I was nine months pregnant with the princess.  I know that I have further to go on this journey but the steps I have taken have been beneficial.  I have actually told myself a few times…Wow, you are looking good.  You look nice! And other positive thoughts.

Once I lose 9 more pounds, I am going to treat myself to a day at the spa!


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  1. Baby your got that curse from your daddy, I’m sorry. When I was a boy I aways had to buy Husky clothes and now as a man they don’t even sell my size in the stores, I have to have your Mom shorten everything for me to fit my wrist and short legs.

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