1 month and 18 days in….


After 2 days off it felt good to pound the pavement again.  Headed back to the park but the gates were locked so parked and took a different path.  The path was a nice change with a few inclines.  A little slow after 2 days off but did 2.8 in 45:50.

My students have asked to spend some more time on poetry so I thought I would share another that I have attempted.

It broke last night in the dark stillness

With the moonlight streaming in.

As it broke the water rushed up…

out of the heart…

past the throat…

through the brain…

down to the eyes.

It poured like a faucet,

Until sleep overtook it.

Yet with the dawn’s light,

It began again.

Bless the plumber with the magic pill who can make it stop.

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