They get it revisited!


After reading the poem of my student who I have struggled with having him complete assignments, I had to share.

When in life am I going to use poetry?

Why do I have to learn to write it?

It is more useless than a broken arm,

and two severed legs.

Many teachers I know would have been furious with an assignment turned in like this because they view it as blatant disrespect.  Not me, I saw it as a poet who used visual imagery to share his feelings about a subject while invoking emotion in the reader.

So to my reluctant worker you have earned an A+.

There was no jog/walk today as I have been fighting a migraine all day and came home and crashed in bed.

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  1. I have to agree with your little guy, if I want to say something I just tell a story not a poem, love your dad.

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