So this morning my vehicle of life turned sharply on to Crazy Avenue.  I am in a teaching model called a triad  – 3 teachers sharing 66 student-where each of us teach reading and then 3 blocks of the subject area we do well in.  This morning, I was scheduled to be off so I could attend the Princess’ award ceremony.  As I got ready I talked with my first partner who shared with me that she had found out that her grandfather who had a stroke on Friday was being discharged to hospice and wasn’t expected to make it through the week.  We talked and had just hung up my phone and headed to get ready for a morning jog when my other teaching partner called crying hysterically.  Finally able to piece together her story, I discovered she has fallen and hurt herself.  Ever the dedicated teacher she was just going to wrap it and head to work.  convinced her to head to the ER letting her know I would take care of school and warning her that she would mostly be having surgery.

My vehicle was able to take a brief tour off Crazy Avenue as I put on the hat of mommy.  I surprised the princess by bringing a special guest to see her receive her awards, Nana – the woman who took care of her from 6 months old to kindergarten.  The smile that crossed the princess face when she saw Nana , reminded me how important this detour  was even if only for an hour.

The hour gave me the strength needed to get back on Crazy Avenue: go to work, attend a training, run to the doctor’s office, make dinner, and a million other things.

Thank you for bearing with me through my ramblings and if I am off the rest of the week I apologize in advance as my two co-teachers are out the rest of the week.

Because of the craziness I didn’t get to jog/walk but did do 30 minutes on the elliptical.

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