Today, I experienced a good loss! I loss not only the 2 pounds that I had gained but also an additional 3lbs. I have a parent workshop to present at tonight for school so there will be no jog/walk, but I did the elliptical this morning and plan to do again when I get home.  Although is it counterproductive to drink a margarita as I do it?

In thinking about loss, I thought how it is another of those words that can carry both positive or negative feelings.  So to fairly present both sides here are my thoughts about negative loss….

It came as an unexpected surprise!

I didn’t fathom the depth of my need.

At first, I proceeded with great caution,

Soon my fingers latched tightly around it,

I fear my grasp may have been too much.

Before I can comprehend what happened,

I feel it begin to slip through my fingers…

Soon it is gone – a distant memory.

Did I ever really have it?

I wonder, “Can you lose what you never had?”


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