Childhood Playtime


Today’s progress: 2 miles of intervals of 2 minutes walking and 1 minute jogging in 28:40.

What a beautiful day to be outdoors!!!!!  Although my class didn’t have FCAT testing today the fifth grade students across the hallway had to take their science FCAT.  Because of that a class had to be displaced….welcome to three 4th grade classes in two classes with a student teacher there to observe.  The students were amazing! So with the pressure of testing easing, I decided to do something we haven’t been able to do, go outside for recess.

Once outside the children quickly broke up into groups to do different things: roll down the hill, throw the football, catch up on the gossip and of course tag.  A smile broke across my face and the memories begin to flood my mind as I heard: not it, your it, I got you, and help unfreeze me.  Before I knew it, my shoes were slipped off and in my dress I joined the game.  The delight from the children as I played made me think of how precious childhood is and my responsibility as both a teacher and mother to let the children be children.

I didn’t write this poem and tried to think of one about childhood playtime as I walked/jogged…but it is still a work in progress.  Until mine is done please enjoy and take to heart the words of the following:


Let children be children for once
By letting them play
Where is safe
And by letting them know
That you will protect them always
Because you are their parents
Let children be children for once
By allowing them to show their love for you
Because you are their parents
And please tell your children that you love them
Because that is what they want to hear
From you

Aldo Kraas

What was your favorite playtime activity as a child?


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