Broken but Beautiful


Woke up this morning early like always but with a bit of excitement….today I was going back to training.  After following the doctors orders of five days of brace and rest, I felt like a teenager just given the car keys on their way to freedom.

Not having to be back home any time soon, I decided to go for 3 miles today.  The first mile on the flat, track of the park(got to have my comfort of familiarity): the next mile and a half through a hilly neighborhood: the final half mile back at the park track.  I stuck with my intervals of 2 minutes walking and 1 minute jogging.  Total time for the 3 miles was 44:50!

On the trip through the neighborhood, I came upon a sidewalk that was canopied by large trees.  The rising sun was peering through the branches and glistening down on these beautiful pieces of shattered blue glass.  I don’t know when altogether what these pieces formed, but based on their beauty I am sure their owner was quite upset when it came to such demise. As a went a little further and saw more shattered blue glass glistening, I began to ponder….Is it really such demise?  Even in its broken state it has such beauty to offer one who stops and takes the time.

How often to we cast off those who are broken because of time or many other excuses?


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