Last night the princess spend the night at Grammie and Papa’s house.  At bed she requires her princess blanket, woobie, so I made sure to pack it.  She has had this blanket since she was a year old.  Tonight as I put her to bed, we discovered that woobie did not make it back in he bag.

Tears began to fall and the howls escaped from her mouth.  My first thought was…it is a blanket. Here’s another one, go to bed.  But after stopping for a minute, I realized it was far more than a blanket….it was a source of comfort and security.

As adults, most of us no longer have a woobie, but we have something or someone who is our comfort and security.

Who or what provides you comfort and security?

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  1. I offered to do a PaPa run for my baby girls tonight. The older we get we change the woobies for the love and comfort we get from our kids and grandkids.

  2. Good question!! In my adult life, iit’s been my golden retriever, Pierce. She is there every night, protecting me and watching over me, especially during Mike’s deployments. Hopefully Maddie sleeps well without it.

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