Since I learned to read at the age of four, I have had an intense love of reading.  I can remember going to the library weekly and being disappointed that I could only checkout 10 books at a time. I knew that I would be done with those books way before it was time to go back for out weekly trip into town.

On one of those trips to the library, I found a poetry book and decided to try on a new genre. It was LOVE at first read for so many reasons.  Being a highly emotional creature, I craved the intense feelings that authors poured into the poetry and feasted on the emotion that swelled within me.  Another reason I so loved poetry was that unlike many other things I had read, poetry allowed me to interpret what I felt.  Two of us may read the exact same poem and interpret it very differently based on our life experiences and who we are.  Yet neither one of us would be wrong. Which in turn leads to discussion of each other’s interpretation where by building a relationship – which all of us as human being crave.

And that is part of why I am eager to share poetry with my students. And I think my students maybe ready for it because I had a student come in and share an acrostic poem:

S even

C rappy

H ours

O ut

O f

L ife


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  1. your right! its really a love at first read! been crazy about poetry for like 3/4’s of my life right now 😉 i like the acrostic! please regards me to your student!

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