Creatures of Habit


Lately I have been thinking why do I drive all the way to the park to jog/walk each night? Friday morning as I pulled into the teacher parking lot at work, I saw my answer.  There are at least 75 staff members and 100 parking spaces.  There are no assigned spots yet each day without fail each of us parks in the same spot. Why? Because we are creatures of habit? Why do we crave habit?

For me I crave habit because I know what to expect.  Change is difficult for me…in fact at my work one of my co-teachers has been assigned the task of letting me immediately know of upcoming changes.  It is not that I won’t change, I just have a process I have to go through before changing.  High maintence I am maybe…but it is who I am.

Trying to change, I have plotted a new path that although starts and ends at the park  wind it takes me down a dirt path and winds me through a subdivision.  The sights that I have taken in on this new path helps me remember that although difficult, change can bring about some wonderful things.

Today’s journey 1.8 miles 32mins. Intervals of 1min.walking and 30 secs. jogging.


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