Minor Mishap


 Growing up, one of my nicknames was Grace.  Since I took up this interval training, I knew this was bound to happen.

Up early like usual, I was excited to do my first morning jog.  I was 1.5 miles in with 25 minutes on the timer headed into the final half mile.  Bursting with energy, I wanted to try running the whole lap.  I rounded the first corner when BAM! I was now face first on the gravel.  “Get up! Get up now and get moving! Did anyone see?” These were the crazy thoughts running through my head.  I quickly jumped up and continued after assuring those who stopped that I was fine.  I did finish the 2 miles in 32 minutes.

I can’t wait to do another morning run tomorrow!  Maybe I can convince my boss that I can’t come into work until 9am and when I get there I will be in sweaty workout clothes.

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