Ain’t No Migraine Stopping Me Now


The blurry vision started around 10am.  I thought it was just irritation from the heavy smoke that lingered outside.  But the sharp pain on the left side began, followed by the nausea, and light sensitivity.  I should have known it was coming between my monthly hormones and stress at work the migraine was to be expected.

Trying to send it  on its way, I took my medicine with a coke and laid my head down in a dark room while my students were at lunch and specials.  As soon as the last student was gone from after school tutoring, I headed home wanting to crawl in bed.

We made dinner, ate, got the princess ready for school and I laid down on my bed and had a quick nap.  Upon waking the sharp pain was now a dull ache and the only other reminder was some slight nausea.

Having had my jog cut short yesterday and knowing that there wouldn’t be a jog tomorrow because the princess and I are going to a viewing of a dear family friend, I want to hit the pavement at the park.

So I headed out a little later than normal, but still in time to see the sunset and reflect on the day.

The park which was empty yesterday, today was overflowing with people.  And the smell of food grilling wafted through the air.  Any other day it would have smelled good but with today’s nausea I wasn’t sure how long I would last.

I did intervals of 2 minutes walking, 1 minute jogging for the first mile and completed it in 14:47.  The smell became too much but I didn’t want to stop so I created my own path….down a dirt road to a lake and back around to a subdivision where I stopped for a few minutes to take in the sight of some beautiful yellow flowers next to a pond.  I walked for about another 30 minutes before returning to my vehicle.  Knowing I needed the distance, I drove the route to find it was 1 and 1/2 miles.

I am glad I didn’t give in to the migraine!


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