Jog interrupted


The day started with a text from a sweet friend that I thought had helped….it did for a while.  After dropping the princess of into capable hands at dance, I headed to the park.

For the first time since coming to the park, it was absolutely empty.  I was eager to take in the solitude.  Shoes laced up, I began to pound the pavement with intervals of 2 minutes walking and 1 minute jogging.  I finished the first mile in 14:37.  I stopped to take a restroom break and checked my phone to find several missed phone calls from my co-teacher and assistant principal.  I knew it wasn’t good.

When I called back, I found out one of my new students had run away from the after school program and the sheriff’s department with the helicopter was out searching.  Panic filled my heart.  The next hour and a half were spend not completing my journey but doing whatever I could to help locate my student.  Thankfully the student is home safely, but I think this teacher is going to have an adult beverage as the princess calls it.


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