Life is full of choices…on a typical day the average human being according to research makes about 35,000.  What will I wear? What is for dinner? Whose calls will I take and whose will I send to voicemail?

These are all simple, easy decisions that for me require no in dept thinking.  Yet, we are faced with major decisions as well that require much thought.  Most of those decisions also come easy for me because I choose the most logical, responsible choice.

But lately, I have began to wonder… what would life be like if my choice was different.  Of course at first thought, my brain begins to laugh and says, “Get real sweetheart!  Your Type A, OCD, retentive, perfectionist self would die.”  But as I dwell with the thought, it becomes intriguing…maybe I would enjoy this different choice.

Could one really change their personality by making opposite choices? Or is this thinking signs of a female midlife crisis?

Who knows? Maybe I will start small and try it by leaving the bed unmade tomorrow

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