So I left the doctor’s today with a script for an anti-inflammatory, orders for a brace, and directions to stop jogging/walking.  I filled the script, which cautions the intake of alcohol. I put on the brace, which felt like stuffing 10 lbs of sausage into a 5lb casing.  I figured 2 out of 3 is 67% almost average.

Today I did less though as partial credit towards her third request.  Today I did intervals of 1:30 walk and :30 jog.  I also only went 0.8 of mile.  My journey was from my door to WalGreens.  I did miss the park.


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  1. Oh no….I’m sorry. I can imagine how very bummed you are to be told to rest. Did they tell you how long you had to lay off the running/walking? Sometimes we have to listen to our bodies…even when we really don’t want to. Take the rest and replace the “time” you would have spent jogging/walking with something low impact that will still get your heart rate up. Like a series of 10 sit ups/10 push ups/10 squats and do as many rounds in 12 minutes as you can. You’ll be done quickly but will have gotten your heart rate up and still given your ankle a rest.

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