Things I have learned


Today I learned 3 things:

1.  If you knee still hurts after icing, heating and taking Aleve for a few days, you should make an appointment to get it checked…just in case.  Appointment made for 2:45 tomorrow.

2.  The urge to go the restroom will kick in when you are the farthest away from the restroom, but it can be used to your advantage because it will make you move faster.

3.  Although you may feel like an independent women with no responsibilities, you are suddenly jerked back to reality when The Hokey Pokey begins to blare on you playlist. I love my Princess!

Went back to the park this evening:  1st mile 15:10 and 2nd mile 16:15.  I did 2 minute walk with 30 second jog intervals for the entire 2 miles.


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