Fear is an emotion that can be a two-edged sword.  Sometimes we make or don’t make a decision out of fear which means we maybe better off or we may have missed an opportunity.  I am a rather independent person and my fears are few…but running has brought a new fear-that although I know it’s irrational it is a fear I am working through.  My new fear…not  getting in my daily jog/walk.  If i miss a day, will I have to motivation to go the next day or will I miss again?  This fear is why even though friends have prompted me to take a day off to rest and recuperate,  I insist on going.

So today back to the park…had to come home early to take care of the princess, only got in one mile, 14:38.  Speed walked the first 5 minutes and then ran 1 minute and walked 2 minutes.


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